Sunday, September 19, 2010

Men are better than women!

 I was browsing about the other day when my friend sent me this amusing video.

Obvious sentiments about feminism and such aside, I honestly find this person to be hilarious. Seriously. If it weren't for the disapproving girlfriend, I'd go door to door with his book!

Now that we've gotten that particular bit of celebrity endorsement out of the way...

Above: A rough detailing of your mother's uterus.
This, my friends, is a fridge of the future. A fridge designed by Russian scientist Yuriy Dmitriev for the Electrolux Design Competition. It stores food in an cool, odourless biopolymer gel that encapsulates your food, keeping it fresh longer than a standard fridge, not to mention looking badass all the while. While only a design, it's still an amazing bit of technological eye-candy. Especially since it can reportedly be hung from the ceiling.

Read EarthTechling's more in depth detailing here.

Reader's Question:
What futuristic devices would you like to see implemented in the coming years?


  1. Oh Dr. Phil show.. The neutral to Jerry springer and Oprah :3

  2. I'm not usually a fan of any of those shows, but occasionally it provides something really interesting. As was the case with, say, Zach Anner, via Oprah.

  3. he is so fucked up but he did verbally rape that chick at the end there :P

  4. i saw that fridge on tv a few weeks ago look insane

  5. Interesting, never fought of that maybe we are, maybe we are not

  6. @lolwut / superturbocharged
    Yeah, he has a youtube account, mabtw. Check out his voicemail videos, he gets a ton of hilarious calls.

    @Hobo / Propperimprint
    It's amazing! Honestly, I know it's unlikely to be released anytime in the foreseeable future, especially seeing as the logic behind such a device seems shaky, but, hey. A man can dream about his refrigerators, right?

  7. Love the fridge!
    Would love to see more high end hifi systems in the near future

  8. LMAO I actually remember seeing that guy on tv hahahah.

    that fridge is kinda insane but useless if you try to store drinks im thinking. or stuff in bowls. but its kinda cool.


  9. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog :)

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  11. Freaking win! Now they need to make these in lunchbox sizes.

  12. that looks just like my moms uterus! you have my support