Monday, September 20, 2010

Spray-on Clothes

I hadn't originally planned on updating my blog daily, but due to the unprecedented amount of traffic I seem to be receiving, it seems that a second post is the least I can do to entertain my followers.

First, the funny.

BritaNick, if you've never been exposed to them before, are a comedy group the likes of which we've seen before. If you like, say, the Whitest Kids u Know, or Derrick Comedy, these guys will also probably manage to tickle your funny bone.

Now, for the science.

Remember this episode of Futurama? You should. While perhaps at first this would provide a tiny chuckle at the "all purpose spray" joke, science is well on it's way to making it a reality. Apparently, scientists have developed spray-on clothes. I'm not joking. Apparently it's made out of tiny fibers that are mixed into a solvent, that's sprayed from either a can or high pressure spray gun. It may be a bit trivial right now, especially seeing the rough way the cloth develops, but it can be seen as the vanguard to many other exciting, and more practical, applications, such as spray-on bandages.

Currently, the fabric has wool, acrylic, and linen varieties.

Reader's Question: Was it just me, or did that scientist in that video sound more like a fashion designer than a scientist?


  1. Haha thats hilarious! I love videos like this, thanks for the post

  2. Best way to get your friend laid.

    Also, just so you know, that guy in the video was a fashion designer, not the scientist behind the product.

  3. @Zygg
    That would certainly explain it. That's what I get for assuming, though.

  4. Lol, that's actually pretty good :D

  5. sup bro just added u

    this blog be sweet

  6. @Money
    Thanks for the follow, and the compliment! I appreciate it. Keep your eyes around here for more updates.

  7. We already have spray metal. Might as well have spray fabric.

  8. spray fabric would go awesome with my spray on hair! :p

  9. seen a longer one before, tis good though =D

  10. loving the science stuff man, im into all that SCIENCE.

    that pillow talk was funnier than I expected though LOL

  11. This spray thing is just ridiculous ^^

    Also funny video =P

  12. This blog has quite the following!